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Projects & Tags

Evox provides plenty of features when it comes to project time management. There are two ways of adding details to time recordings, projects and tags.


There are some possibilities when creating a project.

  • Project manager doesn’t need to be set but would be helpful for reports in the future.
  • Estimate also doesn’t need to be set but will provide a visual indicator of where the project stands; that would be handy!
Project Creation

Company admins can have an overview such as this:

Projects Overview


Tags may present different ideas:

  • Customers
  • Phases of a project such as implementation, testing, and marketing.
Tag Creation

Tip: It is possible to use tags and projects together or separately.

Associating with time recordings

After creating projects or tags, one may easily associate a time recording with them. Users will get an overview like the one below in their “Time” tab.

Time recordings with Projects & Tags