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The Absence tab is the place for editing, viewing, and reviewing personal, leaves, such as vacations, sick days, or flextime compensation.

Absence overview

The upper part shows a monthly overview of the current or a selected user’s absences, as well as public and custom, subsidiary-specific holidays. Use the controls on the top-right to navigate to the previous, next, or the current month.

On the calendar, days containing a vacation are indicated with a green bar, those containing a holiday with a purple bar. Click on a date to show absences and holidays for that day.

Absence and holiday calendar

Tip: Which day the week should start at, or which days are considered weekend days, can be configured in user preferences.

To see absences of a coworker, click “View absences of…” and select that person from the list. Note that only approved absences are visible to coworkers.

Below the calendar, there’s an indicator for current vacation balance, showing how many hours or days you have available for the current fiscal year. Note that the balance does not reflect absences that have not been approved yet.

Requesting an absence

To start filing a new absence click on the ‘Request Absence’ button to open the absence editor.

Absence editor, new absence
Requester Who is requesting the absence; cannot be altered.
Type Kind of leave. By default, there are Annual leave (vacation) or Flextime (overtime compensation)
First day First day away (inclusive)
Last day Last day away (inclusive)
Duration Amount of total missed work time. Evox automatically populates that field, and it usually needs no editing.
Comment Any comment for the approver

Reviewing absence requests

Once a new absence has been created, it shows up in the calendar as “Pending” until it’s approved or rejected.

Absence, pending review

Evox automatically sends an email to the relevant manager(s) and inform them about the absence request.

Reviewers can see the request under the absence tab, also indicated by a red dot on the Absence tab. Along with absence requests, Evox calculates the expected work based on week plans plan.

Absence to review, as seen by mangers

Once the absence request is resolved, the requester gets informed via email. The indicator next to an absence then changes from “Pending” to either “Approved” or “Rejected”. If applicable, approval of an absence updates vacation balance accordingly.