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Absence Types

As a company administrator, you can configure custom absence types for your subsidiaries. Go to the “Company” tab and click on the “Absence Types” button next to a subsidiary. This will open an overview of all, built-in and custom, absence types for that subsidiary.

Subsidiary absence types overview

By default Evox provides two absence types:

Annual Leave Vacation, paid leave
Flextime Time off as compensation for overtime

Evox supports creating custom types of absence for each subsidiary. In order to create a new absence type, click on the “New absence type” button, opening the editor.

Subsidiary absence type editor

The following properties can be configured on a custom absence type:

Name Title of the custom absence type
Paid? Whether the time of absence is salaried
Max days Maximum number of absence days of this type an employee can take per calendar year. If left empty, there is no limit.