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Custom Holidays

Evox supports declaring company-specific days off, through custom holidays. This is useful to formalize domestic holidays that are not official holidays, but are widely observed (an example in Switzerland is the Basler Fasnacht). Other use cases include giving employees as day off as a form of gift (e.g. on New Year’s Eve).

Curating custom holidays can only be done by company administrators. To find the list of holidays, go to the “Company” tab, and click “Custom holidays” next to a subsidiary, which opens the list of current custom holidays.

Custom holidays overview

Create a new entry by clicking the “New custom holiday” button. To edit an existing one, simply click its name.

Custom holiday editor

A custom holiday has the following editable properties:

Name Title of the custom holiday
Half day? Whether employees get half or a full day off
Date On which day the custom holiday occurs