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Like in every release we list important changes in the release notes, here is the list of items that changed with this release.


  • We have introduced the concept of the free trial to our platform, from now on, one can easily try out Evox!
  • We started to use Swagger to document our REST APIs, here is the URL to access our documentation:


  • We have improved our caching capabilities to improve performance.
  • We have moved our servers to increase performance.

User experience

  • Weekly templates are generated based on the subsidiary.

  • Changed the format of our export files, now it should be easier to work with them.

  • Users can change their password within the platform, no need to go over the token mechanism anymore.

  • Auto-fill button is no longer enabled when user reviews other time recordings.

  • Users are sorted by alphabetical order under the ‘company’ tab.

  • Time reviews can now be deleted by admins.

  • We have enhanced the time reviews tab, now it is possible to list them by months. Time review per month

  • Added notification dots for absence and time reviews. Notification dots

  • Flextime and vacation balance is visible in terms of days. Per day

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that causes duplicate public holidays