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International companies

Managing a workforce across different locations is hard. The further apart employees are located, the harder it gets. Cultural norms differ, varying jurisdictions complicate processes, and communication across time zones is a challenge.

We, the makers of Evox, have spent years working in teams across different countries, and even continents. That’s why we anticipate the perspective of international companies during every single step of the design process when building features.

As of today, Evox is successfully in use by single companies with employees across 16 countries on 4 different continents!

Time zones

Collaboration across far-apart time zones is a huge challenge. Direct, live communication requires a lot of flexibility from both sides to find common time slots. That’s why workflows in Evox have been designed so that they can be carried out asynchronously, without requiring immediate interaction between the people involved. For example, an employee in Japan may submit their monthly timesheet for review, conveniently during their working hours. A manager, located in Portugal and still asleep then, would read their emails 12 hours later, check the submission, and approve with a written note for the employee to read again a day later.

Especially when dealing with temporal data, such as time sheets or absences, it’s hard to get the numbers right across time zones. Evox automatically keeps track of time offsets associated with time records and absences. This assures computations are always correct and comprehensible. Furthermore, displays of times and dates always clarify what zone they refer to, which avoids unnecessary misunderstandings.


Currently, Evox already comes in three widely spoken languages, English, French, and German. We are planning to support more languages going forward. If you have specific needs we are happy to hear your use cases and desired languages. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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