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Customization and flexibility

Evox is designed to be customizable and extensible. We are working closely with human resources professionals to make our platform adaptable to the diverse range of needs.

All cornerstones of your company’s work routine are configurable per office location, per year, and even per individual employee. Some examples are the amount of vacation per employee per year, or the number of working hours per week.

Custom days off

In addition to public holidays, which are present in Evox out of the box, companies may appoint their own, internal days off. One common example are observances, such as the Basel Fasnacht, which are widely celebrated locally, but no officially mandated holiday. Local offices that want to gift that free day off to their employees can do so with just a few clicks. Furthermore, a different set of custom holidays can be configured for each year, and each local subsidiary.

Custom absence types

Each region, industry, and company has its own variety of paid or unpaid dispensations from work. Policies and limitations are often uniquely tailored to the needs of local offices. Evox comes with a range of common absence types built in, and additional ones can seamlessly defined.

For example, you may want to attract top-class employees with a strong benefits program, but are afraid of the cost for managing the paperwork. With Evox, handling perks like extended parental leave, familiy time, or sabbaticals is a breeze.

Full- and part-time work

Evox has deeply integrated support for non-standard work schedules. Full- and part-time workers are equally supported in time tracking and absence management workflows.

Each employee has their own schedule of working times over the course of a week declared in Evox. Any combination of days, amount of hours, and start/end times can be configured freely without having to fear problematic side effects.

Work and week-end days

Did you know there are more than 5 different combinations of workweek and weekends around the world? Evox allows for configuring which days are considered weekend on an individual, per-employee basis. For international companies, managing time works flawlessly across varying locations and cultural settings.

User interface themes

People have different needs and preferences when it comes to user interfaces. We provide both: A light theme with bright colors for great legibility, and a dark theme with dim shades for night time’s work.

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