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Absence management

Manage all kinds work absences easily from one single place. With all the automation in Evox, each kind of computation is fully aware of every leave. No more need for manual flextime balance corrections because of half a public holiday!

Public holidays

Evox retains a complete database of national and local public holidays. Even more, companies may introduce custom, internal holidays. Do you want to give your employees some time off on New Year’s Eve, maybe just half a day? With Evox, it’s done in just a few clicks.

Personal absences

Vacations, flextime compensation, parental leave - there are many reasons why employees stay absent for work. The legal landscape is complex, and each company has their own policies and guidelines. Evox allows for fine-grained control over limits and guardrails to define the conditions of employee absences, without having to rely on managerial review diligence only.

To speed up processes and keep the workload on managers an HR specialists minimal, employees start by specifying their intended absences in detail. In a second step, those requests are sent to their managers for review. After an email notification, managers see a succinct summary to be able and make an informed decision within just a few moments.

View them directly in your calendar

See your teammates' absences directly in the calendaring application you’re already using. Through a simple iCal URL, vacations and other leaves automatically get synchronized with any compatible client, such as:

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Calendar
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
Google Calendar Microsoft Outlook Apple Calendar Thunderbird

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